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Would you Learn a New Language if it was Easy?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

It seems that many people are realizing the benefits of learning a second language, like obtaining a better job, getting a promotion, communicating well with co-workers, customers or neighbors, etc.

But recently, I thought about the many people that tell me all of the reasons that they should not learn a new language. I’ve heard it all: I can’t learn languages. I’m no good at it. I failed that class in high school. Why should I have to learn? I tried, but it’s too hard. I get bored. I don’t need to know another language. And so on…

I’d like to ask these people: If learning languages was completely “easy” would they feel the same way? Probably not. It seems those antiquated foreign language classes in high school and the old school techniques used in most self-paced language programs has put a sour taste on learning a new language.

It’s going to take some undoing, but KAMMS plans to help change the bum rap language learning has earned. People need to understand it’s like anything else; it’s all about how you learn. Just like when you had a bad teacher in school. If they don’t know how to teach, it makes for a bad experience and you don’t want to go to class.

I always go for the simplest, easiest and most direct way to do something. That’s the way people can learn a second language too. I don’t want to digress to a shameless plug for KAMMS, but I don’t want to leave you hanging either. So how can it be easy? Well, that’s the way KAMMS‘ Spanish and English on the Job programs are designed. It can be so easy!

I wish you great success! Stacey Kammerman CEO KAMMS

If you have any ideas about how to change the perception about language learning to show people it is easy and fun, please comment below.